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Order a Cel-Fi Repeater

  Do you have a Telstra Next-G mobile device or service?
 Is Next-G coverage available at your location via a handheld or external antenna according to coverage maps?
 Is the area to be covered no more than the size of a typical suburban residence?
 Does your Next-G device get signal in other locations?
 Has the coverage problem always existed?

 Telstra Cel-Fi RS2 Repeater/Smart Antenna $870
 Optus Cel-Fi Repeater/Smart Antenna $870
 On Glass Antenna 2db +$30
 Omni Ext Antenna 5db +$66
 Yagi Ext Antenna 18db +$95
 Postage +$ TBA
 Please install it for me +$ TBA
 Not sure what I need.Please call me.

GST Included in prices

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